A Commentary on Witch Hunts and why they are bad.

I feel that in this enlightened day and age, I should not have to make a blog post and refer back to the old “burning times.” about witch hunts and dig up history about Salem and then put in some blurb about a monument to the past or how it was really just moldy bread and hysteria or something. I hate reading posts like that because it just seems like old dried up history that is not relevant today, like what George Washington ate for breakfast (does anyone really know or care?)

Unfortunately, I was proven wrong last week when someone decided to start a witch hunt against the leader of the Freedom Respecting Software movement. (well okay, its really the Free Software Foundation former president).

I have no authority to make comments about who one should or should not associate themselves with and then publicly and unapologetically work with demons. I’ve already had my heart broken, been a slave, and visited the unpleasant “hell” underworld, and come back.

Most of these people going on about sexual morals are complete hypocrites anyway, and tend to be the worst when it comes to how they use their “tools.” It is like, they gave up Christianity (or some other Abrahamic Religion), but then couldn’t give up its baggage about sex, men, pleasure and and morality, thinking they are some how “enlightened” or woke or some bullshit. They then use it to attack and accuse others and play political games, thinking they will somehow get ahead with it.

Just use an old forking script, an old find and replace, and replace the word “witch hunt” with “cancel culture mob” and you see the problem here.

The most important thing for anyone to do is to stand up to these bullies, and not allow hysterical and untrue inflammatory rhetoric to make decisions for you, or worse yet, be a cowered and sign on to it to hang onto a job, a job made by monopolistic corporations, universities and other “authorities” who enslave you to their agendas, and then fire you anyway, leaving you destitute and without any connections. It may seem like you are saving your paycheck and reputation at first, but what happens when all the words have been removed from your mouth, and as they say in old school freemasonry “your tongue cut out.” so, take an oath to stand up to this bullshit, take it to empower yourself and to protect your loved ones, here and in the afterlife.

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