Freedom Respecting Software

All tarot reading programs linked to from this page are freedom respecting software programs, also known in other circles as free software, open source, FOSS or FLOSS, but I prefer the term freedom respecting software because is better picked up by search engines and less confusing.

Freedom respecting software refers to software that provides users with the four software freedoms. It does not refer to the amount of money users paid to either have the software developed (good) or paid after it has already been developed and no longer improved (bad).

The four software freedoms, consist of the the following

0. Freedom zero, the freedom to run the program for any purpose. That means you an run a freedom respecting software program whether I approve of your purpose and tarot questions or not. You can use it yourself as a tarot reader to read for yourself, you can read for others, you can chose to charge for readings or never charge for them and promote charging for them as bad. You can call yourself a fundamentalist Christian and promote the software on youtube as an example of why atheist proprietary software developers are Goddly people sent by Jesus Christ, and it doesn’t matter if I approve of it or not.

1. Freedom one, the freedom to make changes to the program. That means you can dissect the source code. You can use it to make your own tarot programs or card games. You can add gotos and segmentation faults to the code and then claim you improved it. You can add it into some additional software you wrote. You can take out features you do not like or make it say mean things to you in alternating capital letters. You can rewrite the entire thing in another programming language.

2. Freedom two, the freedom to redistribute the program. You can give people copies of the program on a disk, or on a usb drive. You can post copies up on your internet website. You can send your friends copies in email. You can charge money for copies of the program, or chose to give it away for free.

3. Freedom three, the freedom to distribute your modified versions of the program. Yes, that is right, that means your program. Even if you added segmentation faults, gotos and a bunch of other things I don’t approve of as well as poor memory management so soon your computer runs out of memory and can’t run anything, you are still free to redistribute the program to other people.

The Software Programs a gitlab instance of the software that I use to read the tarot cards. The software is written in C and is easy to compile and run.